President Trump vs. Biden Election Fraud

Stop the Steal - Biden Election Fraud - #TrumpWon
President Trump speaks:
Atlanta arena security cams catch them in the act.


Dec 3, 2020 Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee hearing: Ray Smith, Esq.

2,056 felons illegally voted
66,248 under 17 voted
2,423 werenít registered at all
1,043 used a PO Box
4,926 voted past the registration date
10,315 died before the election
395 voted in two states
15,700 moved out of state
40,279 changed county and didnít re-register to vote
143,385 invalid votes

Biden: 2,475,141
Trump: 2,462,857

Biden "win":12,284
Trump Win: 131,101

#StopTheSteal  #TrumpWon  #BidenCheated
Peter Navarro (Harvard graduate) speaks on Election Fraud 2020

Jayla Gipson falsely accuses Trump supporters of self-inflicted vandalism

Officer Brian Sicknick died of stroke, not the Capitol protest