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Monday August 29, 2022 on Dr. Fetzer's show The Raw Deal on Revolution Radio
Rick Shaddock, Truth & Justice Foundation, show notes

Moon Launch Day (for real this time) is hopefully today

Artemis 1 and the radiation resistant Orion space capsule - unmanned with a manakin
We can finally stop hiding Apollo
We will get to see the first man on the Moon twice.

The uncrewed mission aimed to lift off Monday morning, but engineers could not successfully troubleshoot an engine issue during the filling of the rocket with propellants.

Official NASA channel videos

Colonel Terry Virts, virtuous NASA Astronaut and Commander of the ISS,
bravely and patriotically tells the truth to the USA citizens.  
"We only can fly in Earth orbit."  "That's the farthest we can go."  
"Moon, Mars, asteroids, there are a lot of destinations that we could go to."  Virts

Dr. Kathleen Rubins:
"We are also really pushing the boundaries in terms of where we are going forward, with exploration.
I think humans are naturally driven to do this. And, this is really the beginning,
I think, of human beings leaving low Earth orbit. I certainly plan on being around to see that." Rubins

Dr. Kelly Smith:
"We will pass through the Van Allen Belts - an area of dangerous radiation"
 "We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space" Smith.

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The Power of Music

National Anthems are powerful for national coherence and collective consciousness

Aristotle : If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person

18th Scottish politician Andrew Fletcher Let me make the songs of a nation and I care not who makes its laws

Mark Dice  

Declassified documents show FBI investigating John Lennon for his anti war efforts, wanting him deported from NY  1960's VietNam

I started writing lyrics as a hobby when I was supposed to be studying at Colgate University
which cost me $3500/year for 4 years. 
 I worked as House Manager and Treasurer at my fraternity house for room and board.
Thanks to my Xerox computer programming job in payroll time keeping, I paid the $14000 off

Liberal education nowadays teaches transgenderism, anti-Whiteism, feminization of men, masculization of women

DOD Entertainment Liaison worked with Hollywood to "educate" the American public.

Current music like Rap promotes drugs, rape of women, anti-parents, premarital sex.  JayZ music's was said to inspire a murderer

Topic Lyrics Video Time
Mark Dice: The Power of Music Aristotle : If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person  
Man on the Moon 5:58
Sandy Hoax is Conning New Town  6:36
"Sir Joseph" Biden - HMS Pinafore 4:24
Dominion Voting Machines Misty Martin and the Georgia Election Board  
Trial When Whites Went Down in Georgia -unduly unfair to ourselves 17:54
9/11 Cell phone calls on 16 flights  
Retired Republican Rebounding as Democrats Dive in the Polls, thanks to TM

Mind expansion exercise: 20 minutes comprehend infinity and eternity.
Dr. Jonathan Shear:  Plato's Dialectic and TM similarities  

If there is time:

TM for prisoners    
SCI Song  mantra 1:08
Nature Supports You
Let It Be  
Bye Bye Beta Theta Pi http://BetaThetaPi.US/music/ByeBye.htm 8:36
Ballad of Art's Car http://BetaThetaPi.US/music/ArtsCar.htm 8:31
Remote Control Explains It All - 9/11 44:31
Obama Truth    
Victor Thorn
Robert Scott Makufka
Mickey Elston / Leslie unreliable
O.J. Simpson Truth
Jason Simpson should be investigated    
El Gringo, 4:24
Seth Rich 16:36
Colored Wheel 2:37

Video streaming services:
YouTube works great but censors
Bitchute does not censor but sometimes does not work
Vimeo allow change of link, good for development. 2 free video uploads per month
Rumble is my preference

Crypto new:
Bitcoin drop
ETH 2.0 will replace -POW with POS

Dr. Fetzer went to Princeton.  Colgate beat Princeton in football 2005-2015  :)