Donations and Grants

Primary Sources of Funding

    Truth and Justice Foundation operates solely from donated and grant funds, and by contributions of services, hardware, and software.

Your Donations and Grants Do This:

Recognition Response Testing
"Brain Fingerprinting"

    Your donation or grant accomplishes four important objectives all of which directly serve indigent people who are innocent.  Identification of probable innocent inmates, implementation of case re-investigations, preliminary legal services, and forensic testing financed by your donations and grants can assist in the:

Please be generous with your donations, grants, and contributions.

How to Make Donations

Donate directly to:

Truth and Justice Foundation

1.  By Check or Money Order.  Send personal checks, money orders, and certified checks via the U.S. Post Office (international mail for overseas donors) or couriers to Truth and Justice Foundation.  Please make your checks payable to Truth and Justice Foundation:

Attn: Shaddock
Truth and Justice Foundation

PO Box 71112

Washington, DC  20024

2.  Donate by Credit Cards


You can donate any amount to our BitCoin address

3.  Contact:

Note #1:  For additional information concerning how to make a donation directly to Truth and Justice Foundation, please call us at (1) 703 486 2222.

Note# 2:  Truth and Justice will provide a receipt immediately for all donations. 

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